Dentists Urged To Raise Awareness On Migraine Treatments

This year the annual tradition is continued as Migraine Awareness Week organised by Migraine Action makes people sit up and notice.

S4S are wanting to get dentist's attention and feel awareness of migraines and treatment is very important.   A lot of people don't really understand why migraine sufferers are in pain - and this means that they can't sympathise with it.

It surprises many people to know that a severe migraines can last up to 72 hours! This often means migrainuers are unable to carry out their daily routines and are subjected to days in a dark room with no stimulus.   Furthermore, the condition can spring on people at the flick of a switch; so sometimes workers who aren't in the next day but were absolutely fine the day before are unfairly accused of pulling a sickie.

How Can Dentists Help?

So how can we recognise one when it happens?  Migraine attacks cause an intense headache on one side of the head, and sometimes nausea or throwing up.  Distorted vision like seeing flashing lights or zig-zags are also a sign - symptoms like these are known as 'aura'. Dr Glassman and Dr Pav Khaira are two dentists that we work with who provide seminars for dentists wanting to get involved in the treatment of migraines. They are keen to get dentists to recognise the signs and symptoms of patients suffering or are about to suffer migraines. 

Andrew Blumefeld a Clinical Neurologist explains how a migraine event occurs and how a dental appliance like the SCi can help. 

The main thing to remember is that if what you think is a headache is so bad it's stopping you from getting through your usual tasks, it's most likely a migraine. Each year Migraine Action have a different theme so keep checking back on the official website to find out more about this year's theme.

So how can you get involved?  The organisation would welcome anyone who could distribute awareness information packs to their local GP surgeries, pharmacies or libraries.  If you are able to assist just get in touch via the link below. Or if you want to organise your own fundraising event check out the resources available for Migraine Awareness Week by visiting the website.