What Cases Can Smilelign Treat?

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Smilelign clear aligners can be used to correct a number of alignment issues. Thanks to advancements in technology, results achieved with clear aligners are often greater than people think.


Crowding is commonly identified by the overlapping or twisting of teeth. If left untreated, it can make it difficult to clean and floss your teeth correctly. Smilelign braces can resolve issues with crowding, improving your dental care as a result.


Spacing is identified by larger than average gaps between your teeth. This is most common between the front teeth. This can lead to pockets between your teeth and gums where food can get stuck. Smilelign can treat spacing issues.


Overjet is an alignment condition when the upper teeth protrude outward further than your lower teeth. Sometimes called buck teeth, behaviours in childhood, such as thumb sucking, can lead to this alignment issue.


An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap your lower front teeth. Most people have an overbite to a degree, but in some cases it may become severe. Correcting severe cases may require a bite opening appliance before you can begin Smilelign treatment.

Open Bite

If your upper and lower teeth do not come into contact when your mouth is closed, this is known as an open bite. This can lead to difficulties with chewing certain food types. Smilelign can treat mild open bite cases.

Midline Discrepancies

A midline discrepancy is when the centre line of the two front teeth does not line up with the centre of the nose and lip. Braces can be very effective in correcting midline discrepancies and Smilelign can also be used for this.

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