Teeth Whitening

Optimised whitening with our ultra-seal trays

S4S bleaching trays work to deliver optimum results with any bleaching regime. The trays create an ‘ultra-sealed’ margin at the gingival line. With the combination of specific tray rigidity and the ultra-sealed margin, we create the perfect barrier to keep saliva from entering into the tray, also reducing the amount of bleaching gel that can escape. This optimises any whitening programme for the patient to
achieve the best results.

Dosing Dots

Our ultra-seal trays now include ‘Dosing Dots’ on the labial and buccal aspects of the teeth as standard. The Dosing Dots give patients a guide of how much bleach they should apply to each tooth.

Don’t want Dosing Dots? Just let us know on your prescription form – we make the trays to your specification.

We manufacture Boutique Whitening trays

In April 2018, we joined forces with Boutique Whitening to become the exclusive manufacturers of their whitening trays. Boutique Whitening gels can be purchased as a kit that includes a voucher for a set of our bespoke ultra-seal trays - offering a great saving in comparison to purchasing separately.