ECPD Seminar Programme

Online and In-person Training for Dental Professionals

We have been successfully delivering GDP training for over 15 years. Aligned to our areas of expertise, each course is designed to meet the need of the dentist and provide both a solid understanding of the theory, as well as a level of practicality - helping you to be confident when taking your new knowledge chairside.

Read on to discover more about our training programmes in the fields of Smilelign Clear Aligners, Snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, and Bruxism, Parafunction and Occlusion.

Smilelign: Everything You Need to Know

Hosted by Dr Caroline Hemington - our number one Platinum provider - we walk you through how Smilelign works, from consultation through to retention. Now includes a practical, hands-on session for our In-person option.

The Last Occlusion Course You Will Ever Need

Dr Barry Glassman is an internationally recognised authority on chronic pain management, presents a t seminar masterclass on occlusion - aimed at the GDP. This course equips you with the vital skills needed to successfully treat such patients.

Snoring & OSA: A Role for the GDP

Hosted by Professor Ama Johal, a lecturer recognised internationally for his role in dental sleep medicine, we bring you an interesting and informative look at the GDP’s role when it comes to screening and treating patients for Snoring & OSA.

Splint Therapy: Bruxism & TMD

Dr Barry Oulton is a highly experienced dentist and lecturer who brings a wealth of practical knowledge to this commonly misdiagnosed condition. This course allows you to confidently help patients presenting with signs of Bruxism or TMD.