How does Smilelign Work?

Straight teeth with Smilelign

With Smilelign clear aligners, treatment is easy and straightforward - simply visit your closest Smilelign Dentist and book your initial consultation.

3 Simple Steps

Step 1 - Find Your Nearest Provider

To get started with Smilelign, you will need to arrange a consultation with one of our Smilelign Dentists. You can find your local Smilelign Dentist by using our Find a Provider search tool. Your Dentist will take impressions or scans for our skilled Planners to design your new smile.

Step 2 - Review Your Treatment Plan

Once our Planners have created your bespoke treatment plan, this will be sent to your Dentist, along with a set of Pre-Aligners. These aligners will not move your teeth, but allow you to trial Smilelign treatment to see if it is a viable treatment option for you before you commit fully.

Step 3 - Start Your Active Aligners

Once your treatment plan has been approved, active aligners will be sent to your Dentist. You will attend regular checkups throughout treatment to ensure your teeth are progressing as they should. Your new smile is a matter of weeks away!

Benefits of Smilelign

  • Regular Dentist visits - your treatment is being overseen, every step of the way, by a registered Dental Professional. Much safer than at-home straightening systems, regular check-ups with your dentist ensure treatment is progressing as it should be and also gives you the opportunity to ask any queries you may have.
  • Business as usual - as Smilelign aligners are removable, they are a seamless addition to your lifestyle, allowing you to eat and drink what you want and also brush your teeth with ease. Just ensure you wear them at least 22 hours per day, removing only to eat & drink, or clean your teeth.
  • Try Before You Buy - exclusive to Smilelign, our Pre-Aligners allow you to try Smilelign aligners, before you commit to full treatment. Pre-aligners won't move your teeth, but simulate the feel of real aligners. Aligner treatment isn't for everybody, so it's best to double check before you pay for full treatment!

Maintain Your New Smile

After completing orthodontic treatment, it may surprise you to know that your teeth will be susceptible to relapse - unless you wear a retainer.

Your Dentist will speak to you about the different retainer options available following your Smilelign treatment, including DURATAIN.

DURATAIN are ultra-strength retainers - exlusive to S4S Dental - that are 3 times stronger than a standard retainer. Made from a thinner, specialised material, they offer increased comfort and are a popular, post-ortho option for many patients.