Appliances made to your exact specification

We offer a full range of quality appliances, creating every device to meet your specification. Serving Orthodontists and Dentists throughout the UK, our GDC registered technicians work hard to ensure each appliance is first-class, fits first time, and arrives on time.

Why choose us?

  • Producing high quality appliances for over 18 years - calling on the vast experience of our knowledgeable technicians
  • Driven by digital innovation - using cutting-edge 3D printing and appliance software techniques. No extra charges for submitting digital cases
  • First-class service - from an award-winning team
  • UK-based - technicians on the end of the phone, whenever you should need them and fast turnarounds to your practice, should you require
  • Exclusive products - including DURATAIN retainers, Smilelign aligners and Smilefixed
  • Delivery to suit you - standard turnaround within 7 working days for retainers and 10 working days for other appliances. Express turnarounds also available.

What appliances are available?


After years of providing orthodontic solutions, we understand that dentists prefer different types of retention. As such, we are able to offer both fixed and removable options.

A popular choice, a Bonded Retainer with Jig is a valuable way to secure post-treatment stability - holding the wire in situ, leaving you ‘hands-free’ for simple bonding to the teeth.

Other options include: Essix, DURATAIN, Begg, Hawley, and our innovative Retainer SCi for your symptomatic patients that also require retention.

Express digital retainer service

This service means that digital scans that are received for retainers by midday are shipped the following day via tracked next day delivery - for an additional fee. This means retainers can be delivered as soon as 48 hours after the scan is taken.


Successfully delivering first-class functional appliances since 2005, we deliver both popular and commonly prescribed appliances, as well as those less routine.

Examples of functional appliances that we provide include: Twin Block, Medium Opening Activators (MOA), Bionators, the Frankel, the Herbst and Herner.

Always working to our dentist’s prescription, we are able to provide bespoke appliances to suit your requirements.


Our fully trained technicians are just as experienced in crafting quality removable devices, including spring and expansion appliances, using their vast knowledge in producing the highest quality appliances.

Our reputation for superior customer service is matched by the commitment and attention given to every appliance made in the lab.


Our skilled technicians within our orthodontic department offer a full range of fixed appliances including: Quad Helix, Nance Button, and Trans-palatal/Lingual Arch. Bands, brackets and archwires can be supplied on request, as can indirect bonding and bracket set ups.

Our Fixed range also includes our newly launched Smilefixed self-ligating bracket system. Further details of this can be found below.

Exclusive products by S4S

Smilelign clear aligners

Launched in 2012, Smilelign consists of a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners. With each aligner worn for 2 weeks at a time, Smilelign is manufactured, in its entirety, at our laboratory in Sheffield.


A premium retainer that is seriously tough, DURATAIN's precise fit offers effective retention, whilst being lightweight and comfortable and durable. It is also a perfect solution for patients that are bruxists.


Our Smilefixed patient kits have been designed to provide a perfect solution for your fixed appliance cases. Supplied as a comprehensive kit to treat a single patient, Smilefixed removes the need to carry a stock of brackets and archwires, providing a simple, one-stop solution for fixed appliance therapy.

Smilefixed benefits:

  • Self-ligating brackets - no need for ligatures
  • Clear (ceramic) or metal brackets
  • NiTi Thermal arch wires for light forces
  • Ultra-low friction
  • Light cured cement
  • Fishgrate base for easy bonding and debonding
  • Elastics supplied
  • Mouthwash for patient
  • Bracket tool and tweezers
  • Indirect Bonding trays (if required).

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