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Did you know that digital cases make up over 50% of our lab work?

An innovative laboratory, we have been committed to implementing the latest digital systems and software into our daily workflows for several years – determined to keep ahead in the rapidly growing market.

This began with large investments in 3D printing software and machinery as more dentists began to introduce Intra-oral scanners into their practices. Now, a few short years later, our laboratory has grown even further and now houses its own dedicated digital department that oversees the printing of over 1000 models per day.

No charge for printed models

In support of dentists that have Intra-oral scanners, and those looking to make the digital leap, we do not charge for 3D model printing with cases submitted digitally.

All scans received are stored on our cloud-based archive system, should they ever need to be recalled for replacement appliances – especially effective for those in orthodontic treatment or retention.

Digital cases with S4S are also more environmentally friendly, as we now use plant-based resin for all of our models.

Enhanced dentist experience

As well as investing in 3D printing and software, we have also made progress with digitising the administrative side of the business with the introduction of software, Evident.

Evident is a workflow system that tracks each case in the laboratory at every stage – from arrival to dispatch. Email confirmations are sent as soon as a case is booked and includes confirmation of the required appliance and expected return date.

The Evident software has also opened up a new way for dentists to interact with the laboratory with its Dentist Portal. Free to use, each of our customers can create an account and track their cases in the lab, make payments with bank cards including Amex and also submit cases and digital scans for manufacture of appliances. 

Guaranteed turnaround times

It goes without saying that with digital, things are a lot more instant. As such, Dentists choosing to submit their cases via digital scan can benefit from more accurate turnaround times.

Removing the need for postage of impressions, the scans arrive instantly at the laboratory and can be booked in for manufacture. This offers peace of mind that appointment dates can be met.

3D printed splints

For some time now, we have been exploring the possibility of providing 3D printed appliances. Due to recent developments in software and resins, we are now trialling a selection of our splint range using this method.

CADCAM brings the obvious benefit of superior accuracy, and, being digitally stored, replacement appliances can be requested by dentists without the need for new impressions. 3D printed resin used is an incredibly strong material, making the appliances hardwearing - ideal for heavy bruxers.

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