Introducing DURATAIN

Our ultra-strength retainer

A premium product that is seriously tough, DURATAIN’s precise fit offers effective retention, whilst being lightweight and comfortable - helping your patient maintain the smile that you have both worked together to achieve. Perfect for those in long-term retention, DURATAIN is the only option for those that clench or grind.

Made in our UK laboratory, DURATAIN is a removable retainer crafted from a material that is stronger than others out there. Withstanding forces that a standard retainer would crack under, the risk of breakage is minimised.

Consisting of a polyurethane material with a polymer backbone that is robust, DURATAIN boasts comfort, clarity and superior durability.

Why choose DURATAIN?

  • Optimised for strength and ductility
  • Offers clarity and stain resistance
  • Elevates patients’ experience and satisfaction
  • Custom-made for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for patients suffering from Bruxism.

How does it compare?

Crack Resistance

Material normalised at 0.030 thickness. Measuring the ability to resist cracking under continuous impact.

Stain Resistance

CIELAB Yellow Colour Index (b*) before and after 24hr immersion in mustard at 37 degrees C. Measuring the ability to resist staining after extended period of exposure in oral cavity.

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