Smilelign Clear Aligners

The clear choice for a better, straighter smile

Smilelign is a clear orthodontic treatment that consists of virtually invisible, removable aligners that fix common malalignment issues. Each aligner is created using the latest technology, and works to move teeth gradually in small increments until they are in the desired position.

Manufactured entirely at our laboratory in Sheffield, we offer full clinical and technical support - our technicians are on the end of the phone whenever you should need them.

Why choose Smilelign?

  • UK-based - no delays and technicians always available to discuss cases.
  • Free cloud-based software - view and share images and videos of treatment plans on any device.
  • Simultaneous tooth movements - 0.3mm of movement per aligner, which may mean faster treatment and less aligners required.
  • Pre-aligners - these passive aligners are issued with all treatment plans and allow patients to trial treatment before committing fully. It also allows you to check fit before active aligners are produced.
  • Clear pricing - Maximum price set at 12 aligners, regardless of number of aligners required to complete the case. Refinements are also included.
  • Find a Provider search tool - helps potential patients find your practice by using their postcode.

What Cases Can Smilelign Treat?


Cases with 3mm of crowding are easy to treat. Cases with up to 6mm will require Interproximal Reduction (IPR) and are only recommended if you are comfortable undertaking this.


Cases with 3mm of spacing are fine to treat with Smilelign. Up to 6mm may require some restorative additions or leave residual spaces as part of the treatment plan.


Overjets of up to 2mm should be simple to treat. Up to 4mm becomes more difficult and a compromise of a small overjet may be required.


Up to 1mm is easy to rectify, up to 3mm increases complexity - intruding teeth with clear aligners in not always simple. Cases with 3mm+ may require bite opening appliances first.


Openbites are difficult to treat and are not recommended for Smilelign unless only small closures of 0.5mm per arch are required.

Midline Discrepancies

Cases with up to 2mm discrepancy can be easily corrected. Cases up to 4mm will require IPR, and we would only recommend if you are comfortable undertaking this.

What Can Be Achieved?

Patients in treatment in as little as 2 weeks

All we require are impressions or scans. We take it from there.

1. Once we have digital files, these are then loaded into our specialised 3D software, and treatment planning begins.

2. Within two weeks, you will receive the treatment plan, as well as Pre-Aligners confirming an accurate fit, allowing your patient to 'try before they buy' in the process.

3. Only when you and the patient are happy will we provide you with the active aligners.

4. Your patient wears each aligner for 2 weeks, until their future smile is achieved and treatment is complete.

Clinical lead: Dr Caroline Hemington

Dr Caroline Hemington has vast experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, having completed numerous post-graduate courses in the field. Her experience with Smilelign aligners has earnt her the position of our top Platinum Provider year on year.

She has lectured on Smilelign for over three years and brings knowledge and case studies from her own personal experiences with treatment in practice to our full-day Smilelign seminar.