Playing a high-contact sport is like going into battle. You’ve got bats, balls, sticks and pucks, travelling at lightening speeds - with the potential to cause a lot of damage!

Studies have even shown that between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries are sports related, with up to 600,000 A&E hospital visits being a result of dental injury in sport.

With scary stats like these, it’s not hard to see why mouth armour is so important! We only get one set of teeth, and they don’t repair as easily as other body parts, which is why it’s so crucial to shield them.

‘Boil & Bite’ Mouthguard

Most people opt for a ‘Boil and Bite’ mouthguard, made from a thermoplastic material that heats up, allowing the wearer to mould their own at home. They are cheap, convenient, and often available over the counter- making them the go-to option for a lot of people.

It is also no surprise that shop-bought mouthguards are popular with parents. Children, and their mouths, are continually developing - meaning they’ll require new mouthguards more frequently. Therefore, a boil and bite mouthguard is the preferred method, especially if a parent is trying to keep their expenses down.

However, this doesn’t mean that they are the best, or safest, option. With many ‘boil and bite’ mouthguards fitting poorly in the wearer’s mouth, inhibiting their ability to talk and moving around causing a gag-reflex. This is the last thing a player needs whilst competing, distracting them and ultimately hindering their performance!

To add to this, these types of mouthguard tend to be thin over prominent teeth that are prone to damage - offering little protection, and putting the wearer at risk of dental injury. Not what you want…

Custom-made Mouthguard

If your patients partake in any form of contact sport, it is important to ensure that they’re getting the highest level of protection, shielding their teeth and gums.

Custom-made mouthguards are a bit pricier than shop-bought mouthguards, but they promise an unmatched level of protection and much less hassle! A damaged tooth is a lifetime of maintenance, appointments and surgeries - with a hefty price attached. A custom-made mouthguard may cost your patient a little more, but it is a bargain compared to long-term dental repair.

Our Protex, custom-made, mouthguards promise to:

  • Spread the force of a direct blow around the dental arch and mouthguard
  • Prevent cuts to gums, the tongue and cheeks
  • Reduce the risk of jaw fractures
  • Reduce the risk of losing teeth
  • Prevent concussions

To add to this, your patient has the option to get creative with their Protex mouthguard, choosing from our wide variety of colours, and even their own custom design if they fancy!

Types of Protex mouthguard

We offer ‘standard’ and ‘professional’ mouthguards, depending on the level of sport that your patient plays. Our standard mouthguards offer a high level of protection, and are suitable for all sports.

We also offer mouthguards for professional players partaking in high-contact sports. Our professional mouthguard includes an impact resistant inner layer, whilst also boasting a thinner design for comfort. What’s more, our professional mouthguards can be designed around the sport that your patient plays, giving your patient a winning chance!


It is clear that custom-made mouthguards are safest option for any sportsperson playing a high-contact sport, and there’s no better time to get your mouthguard orders in. We currently have a bulk order discount on Protex mouthguards (when you order a minimum of 10).

The bulk offer is as follows:

10 minimum

Fine to send scans or imps (no surcharge for printed models when ordering from S4S)

Turnaround is normally 10 working days, but we can send all guards back together in 1 week

Single colour guards only - additional cost to add logos.

Contact for more info and prices - a saving of over £10 per guard!

March 02, 2023 — Brian Holden