Protex Sports Mouthguards

Protect your patients' smiles with a Protex Mouthguard

According to the British Orthodontic Society, somewhere between 13-39% of all dental injuries are sports related, with approximately 25% of children in the UK injuring or losing a front tooth at some stage.

If your patient participates in any contact sport, it is essential that you offer them the opportunity to wear an appliance designed to withstand impact and protect their dentition. Without a guard, the teeth can come together with such force that they can be broken – also posing a risk to the jaw.

A custom-made mouthguard, Protex, made to your patient’s exact specification, is the perfect way to ensure the safety of their smile.

Why choose Protex?

  • Spreads the force of a direct blow throughout the mouthguard
  • Reduces the risk of lacerations to gums, tongue and cheeks
  • Reduces the risk of bone fractures
  • Reduces the risk of tooth loss
  • Reduces the risk of concussions.

Types of Protex Guard

Our Protex mouthguards come in two variations:

Standard – offering an excellent level of protection, our standard guards are dual-laminate and are suitable for all sports.

Professional – the highest level of protection, this tri-laminate guard includes an impact resistant inner layer, whilst maintaining a thinner design for comfort, and can be designed specifically for your patient’s chosen sport.

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