As a condition that affects over 24 million people in the UK alone, snoring is not only debilitating for the sufferer, but for the bed partner as well. With the noise produced equivalent to a pneumatic drill, if left untreated, snoring can lead to a number of side-effects including:

  • diminished energy,
  • lack of concentration and
  • a higher chance of heart disease. 

Taking place from the 24th to the 29th of April, National Stop Snoring Week is aimed at promoting general awareness of snoring, emphasising that nobody need suffer as a result – it is a condition that can be treated. 

As providers of the Sleepwell, the most clinically proven MAS for snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnoea, National Stop Snoring Week is an important event in our calendar. 

To help raise awareness, we have compiled a number of exciting opportunities for dental practices to get involved with. 

Snoring Packs 

Designed for use in patient waiting rooms, as well as by members of staff, this pack contains everything you could possibly need to raise awareness in your practice. 

With posters, leaflets, balloons, stickers and badges included, this is a great way to get your patients talking about snoring – and, most importantly, the treatments available. 

To receive your free awareness pack in the post, please click here  and submit your practice details. 

For those who receive a pack, we strongly encourage you to educate all staff within the practice and make an event out of the week. This should help make snoring a more accessible subject for those that feel any sort of embarrassment. Ultimately, we hope that it enables you to help more patients who snore and encourage the most clinically-proven MAS device for snoring – the Sleepwell. 



As part of National Stop Snoring Week, we will be hosting a competition across our social media pages for those who have received one of our packs. 

You will have the opportunity to win a huge 50% off of your next 3 Sleepwell devices! We want to see pictures of your practice decorated with our balloons, posters, & leaflets, and staff in our badges and stickers! 

To enter, post your pictures on social media, and tag us using ‘@S4Sdental’ and ‘#StopSnoring2017’. One winner will be selected at random on Friday the 29th.