The UK law relating to tooth whitening changed on 31 October 2012. The new law allowed an increase in the percentage of hydrogen peroxide allowed in tooth whitening or bleaching products to 6% from the original 0.1%.The new legislation means that only dentists can administer tooth whitening legally and can not have any more than 6% bleach content.

What does this mean to the effectiveness of tooth whitening systems?

Without lots of technical jargon it means that there is a smaller amount of active bleach in the gel, previously dentist would often administer as high as 40% hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. The 6% peroxide needs tobe as effective as possible for as long as possible to get similar results to the previously high percentage gels.

Less Leaks - More Effective - Less Sensitivity

If the gel can easily leak or move away from the teeth the gel will be less effective. Equally, if saliva can leach into the splint and gel the peroxide effectiveness is further reduced. Therefore the gel must be held closely against the teeth preventing saliva getting in and the whitening gel leaking out. The way this can be achieved is by having excellent fitting, custom made whitening trays from our laboratory.

Best Whitening Trays In The UK

At S4S we are known for our quality and our whitening or bleaching trays are no exception. In a recent straw poll our clients said that our custom made bleaching trays are the best they have ever used. One Danish client said that even the best Scandinavian labs cannot produce this quality and recommends us to all of his colleagues. Having a well made bleaching tray is essential to getting the results you and your patients want.