NTI-tss Relieves Chronic Migraines in 8-Year-Old Child

By Dr Pav Khaira

Founder and Director of the Migraine Care Institute

Ronnie is a healthy, happy child who, when he was about eight years old, abruptly began to experience increasingly severe headaches. “They came on all of a sudden,” says his mother, “waking up with really heavy eyes, really bad headaches.”

From that point on, he endured six months of worsening symptoms with no relief. “He was in a lot of pain, just on the one side of his head,” she continues. “When it started to go down his neck and into his chest, that’s when alarm bells really started ringing.”

As a result of this, Ronnie was having a lot of time off school. He was experiencing chest pains once a week, which caused a great deal of distress and anxiety.

“He got rushed into hospital a couple of times,” recalls his mother. “They didn’t know anything about what was going on. They just checked him over, said nothing was wrong with him and sent him home. That happened about three times.

“The fourth time we were lucky because the paediatrician actually gave him a good check over and diagnosed him there and then with migraines, gave him some Migralieve and sent him home, basically.”

Despite the relief at finally having a diagnosis, nothing else actually changed for the family. “He was still waking up with headaches, still having a lot of time off school and his work was going downhill,” she says. “We were having trouble with the school because he wasn’t attending enough. There was nothing we could do.”

They were at a loss. Despite all their efforts, there seemed to be no solution and Ronnie’s wellbeing and schooling were being severely compromised. Naturally they knew he needed to increase his attendance at school, but he was frequently physically incapable of doing so. Even on the days he did manage to go, it was often impossible for him to gain much benefit from it, being so distracted by pain.

The family was saved from this unpleasant limbo purely by chance. Ronnie’s mother discovered the Migraine Care Institute thanks to a passing remark about Ronnie’s problem to her brother-in-law. Luckily, he had some understanding of migraines and encouraged her to seek further help, but this time with a dentist.

“We were in a lot of trouble for not telling him first about the headaches,” recalls Ronnie’s mother, “but we didn’t know! We didn’t dream that a dentist could actually sort it out!”

Unfortunately, this lack of awareness is one of the main reasons so many people are needlessly suffering from migraines today. Patients naturally assume that their GP is the first port of call, or, as in Ronnie’s case, that the doctors in a hospital would know what to do for the best.

Ronnie was fitted with an NTI-tss (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition Tension Suppression System) occlusal splint from S4S - a modified, lab version due to his young age – and straight away he began to experience the benefits.  

“That was it, it just went all uphill from there,” beams Ronnie’s mother. “It’s been tremendous - it’s really picked up and we’re really pleased with the result.”

Ronnie’s quality of life has improved significantly. He’s spending much more time at school and his work is improving. Quite an active boy, he used to really struggle with football practice but now he’s doing really well. In fact, he’s a lot happier in himself and his family is extremely relieved after a great deal of worry.

In terms of care going forward, Ronnie is still growing, so he will grow out of the occlusal splint and his growth will be monitored to make sure his treatment is managed properly.

Ronnie’s case was unusual, in that treatment of this kind for children is usually delayed until they’ve got all of their adult dentition in place. However, if their symptoms are severe, such as Ronnie’s, or there are signs of tooth wear from grinding and clenching, then this option really should be considered.

Dr Khaira and the staff at S4S worked closely with Ronnies case. Being an actively developing 8 Year old we needed to manage his development and design the appliance to take into account growth issues. It has been amazing to hear Ronnie is doing so well and returned to school and enjoying everyday life as an 8 year old.

Matt Everatt - Technical Director at S4S said, "My daughter is 8, I can't imagine what it's been like for Ronnie and his Parents. When we hear stories like Ronnie's and how our device has massively improved his quality of life, it is so humbling."

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