Whitening & bleaching


Our ultra-seal trays

Developed by our dedicated team of dental professionals, our trays are, we feel, the best available for delivering optimum results with any bleaching regime. The trays create an ‘ultra-sealed’ margin at the gingival line. With the combination of the specific tray rigidity and the ultra-sealed margin, we create the perfect barrier to keep saliva from entering into the tray, also reducing the amount of bleaching gel that can escape. 


Our ultra-seal trays now include ‘Dosing Dots’ on the labial and buccal aspects of the teeth. The Dosing Dots give patients a guide of how much bleach they should apply to each tooth. Over filled trays can lead to excess material sitting on the oral tissues for prolonged periods of time, which can lead to discomfort or sensitivity. The use of the Dosing Dots and the ultra-sealed margins, in our opinion, gives the ultimate tray for achieving the best results and compliance.

Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening trays are exclusively manufactured by S4S Dental Laboratory. For more information, please see below.



Night time or daytime, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide?

There is much confusion as to the ideal time period for tray wear, the efficacy of night time over daytime use and the use of carbamide over hydrogen peroxide.

Carbamide has a slower break down than hydrogen peroxide, so with reduced saliva flow while asleep, many suggest that night time tray wear is more efficient.

Others, however, have also pointed out that many gels become inactive after 2 hours (saliva contamination) and therefore daytime bleaching with hydrogen peroxide over a 1 hour period maybe preferred. 


Bleaching tray design

The design of the bleaching trays and the solubility, viscosity and composition of the gel are paramount in determining the length of time the gel remains active.


Boutique Whitening

Boutique Whitening is a premium quality whitening gel that delivers superior results. With two kits available, By Day & By Night, Boutique can fit seamlessly into your patient's day to day life, with great results noticeable in just a few days. 

We are happy to announce that we have collaborated with Boutique Whitening to become the exclusive manufacturers of their whitening trays. The hallmark of this partnership is to provide premium quality at fantastic value - for both dentists and patients.