S4S offer a full range of orthodontic appliances. Below is a list of some of the devices we provide, and our laboratory technicians are happy to discuss any individual case requirements. A full range of colours and designs are available on request.

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Clear retainers remain one of the most popular types of
post-treatment retention amongst patients.  

With no metal components, they are much more subtle in appearance than standard retainers and help maintain the new position of the teeth.


Our new addition to clear retainers, DURATAIN is our ultra-strength retainer that delivers.

With enhanced strength, greater clarity, and stress relaxation resistance, DURATAIN lasts longer and stays clearer. Click below to learn more and request a free information pack.


Bonded (fixed) Retainer

Bonded (fixed) retainers are a valuable way to ensure secure post treatment positioning. The custom-made retainer is bonded to the back of the front teeth in their final position.

Begg Retainer

Made in our orthodontic lab by skilled dental technicians, Beggs are popular when the final setting of the occlusion and tooth position requires continued improvement.


Functional appliances

The Clark Twin Block

The Clark Twin Block is the most widely used functional appliance throughout the world. Designed for full-time wear, they achieve quick functional correction of malocclusion by transmitting occlusal forces through angled bite blocks, encouraging the mandible (bottom jaw) to develop forwards.

Frankel Functional Regulator

A less commonly prescribed appliance, Frankel Functional Regulators remain popular with many UK teaching hospitals. Suitable for Class II malocclusion at the age of growth, the device uses natural growth spurts and shields from unwanted forces, encouraging the top and bottom jaw to develop a more natural position. 

Other functional appliances

Other appliances have been used by pioneers of treatments such as Dr Frankel, Dr Harvold and Dr Andresen and, more recently, Dr Clark and Dr Neville Bass. Functional appliance therapy is used when there is a discrepancy between the top and bottom jaws, usually when the bottom jaw is retrognathic (set backwards).

Removable appliances

Clear or Invisible Aligners

Clear or invisible aligners have become increasingly popular. Using contemporary orthodontic techniques, S4S can offer clear aligners for cases that may require simple alignment of anterior teeth. We can advise you on individual cases and give a basic treatment outline if required. Great for tipping or minor rotational movements, as well as correcting relapse cases. Clear invisible aligners are very popular with adults as it is almost impossible to see the appliances.


NiTi Active Spring Aligners

A quick and simple way to straighten the anterior (front) teeth is the NiTi Spring Aligner. Ideal for adults with mild crowding, it can achieve straight teeth in as quick as 6 weeks or 4 months for more difficult cases. 


Hawley Retainer

The most popular post-treatment orthodontic retainer is the Hawley Retainer. The custom-made retainer is designed to hold teeth in their final position after fixed orthodontic brackets and archwires have been removed.


Expansion Appliances

Orthodontic expansion appliances are effectively used in both adults and children and have relatively quick impact, assuming the patient is compliant  There are many types, including the Full Arch or Midline Expansion and 3D Expansion Appliance, all of which aim to achieve upper jaw widening. 

Fixed Appliances

Our skilled technicians within our orthodontic department offer a full range of fixed appliances. Bands, brackets and arch wires can be supplied on request, as can indirect bonding and bracket set ups.

Indirect Bonding

Our indirect bonding service is growing rapidly. Saving you valuable time, our system is unique: brackets are supplied with bonded composite to fit to individual teeth, requiring a thin layer of composite to bond them to the teeth.


Maxillary Expansion

Extremely effective in achieving high arch expansion in a short time and commonly used in growing children and teens, the maxillary appliance is cemented in place.


Lingual and Palatal Arch

Used as holding/retaining appliances, Lingual and Palatal arches are attached to bands on permanent molar teeth and will prevent them moving around the arch during fixed appliance therapy.


Anti-thumb Sucking Appliance

Anti-thumb sucking devices or 'habit breakers' are very popular device. Disrupting development during childhood growth, these devices are a cost effective way to prevent this.

3D Digital Scanning

The S4S scanner creates a 3D digital image of a patient's study model in an open file format. The comprehensive features within the software enable us to trim the models to clinician specifications.