ThermoGlu - Emergency Appliance Repair


ThermoGlu is ideal for those that have a cracked retainer or aligner, but cannot get to see their dentist as quickly as they would like. It is a temporary solution until you can get a replacement aligner or retainer from your dentist – to ensure that your teeth straightening progress or retention is not affected.


Further Information

Made from a Thermoplastic material that is susceptible to temperature, ThermoGlu works to temporarily repair any cracks or breaks in aligners/retainers, so that you can continue wear.

Full instructions will be provided with the ThermoGlu kit, or you can view our handy tutorial video below.

Directions for Use

ThermoGlu is easy to use and can be successfully added to your retainer or aligner in just a few simple steps:

1. Get two cups – one with freshly boiled water and the other with cold water.

2. Place approximately 10-15 beads into the boiling water and leave for 10-15 seconds.

3. Once the beads are fully clear, use a spoon to remove the material from the water.

4. Press the material onto the cracked area carefully before placing the appliance into your mouth. Use your fingers to smooth the material over the crack, fully covering it.

5. Leave in the mouth for 20 seconds, carefully remove the appliance and place into cold water. Once the material turns fully white, you can remove from the cold water.

6. Place the appliance back in your mouth and check for sharp edges.


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ThermoGlu tutorial video

Watch this handy video to discover how simple it is to fix your appliances with ThermoGlu.