Snoring & sleep apnoea


What is snoring?

Sleep related breathing disorders demonstrate, to varying degrees, the collapsibility of the airway. With simple snoring, there is no full obstruction of the airway - the noise is simply the vibrations of soft tissue. Whilst this often has little impact on the snorer, some do wake feeling unrefreshed, suffer headaches and a tenderness in the upper airway. More often, it is those within close proximity that are profoundly affected.

Daytime sleepiness

Excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) can result from insufficient oxygen entering the body and poor quality sleep caused by multiple wakings. Effects of EDS include an inability to concentrate, poor memory, reduction in performance and, in extreme cases, can lead to the sufferer falling asleep unexpectedly. Severe sleepiness has even been found to increase the chances of having an accident whilst driving by seven times.

Obstructive sleep apnoea

EDS can be a result of obstructive sleep apnoea, a more severe collapsing of the airway in which it is obstructed for multiple periods of time during sleep. Both in the form of a total pause or a significant shallowing of breath, oxygen levels dip and can result in a multitude of symptoms: extreme tiredness, abnormal movements whilst sleeping, and headaches to name a few.


Proven solutions

There are a number of solutions for both snoring and sleep apnoea. Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) are commonly used for both, gently holding the lower jaw forward to keep the airway open.

For severe sleep apnoea (typically tested in a sleep clinic, but can also be done in your own home), Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is recommended and offers the highest clinical success. For those that cannot get on with CPAP and for moderate sufferers, (less than 30 interruptions an hour), a splint is the most common treatment of choice - highly effective, less expensive and more patient friendly.

Customised for each patient, there are a number of splints of the market. Now made in the UK (Sheffield) using a unique manufacturing process, Sleepwell has been shown to be the most clinically successful.


"I cannot express to you how much I appreciate your product. I've suffered from OSA for about 6 years now and really couldn't get on with CPAP. I did try a MAS I bought online, but gave up with it as it didn’t work. I've had several quite painful surgical procedures, including a sinoplasty, tonsilectomy, LAUP and RF treatment on my tongue - none of which have managed to cure my OSA. Last night, I used one of your MAS devices and had the best night’s sleep ever – it’s a little uncomfortable, actually it’s not, it’s just strange, and I’m certain after a few weeks it will become completely normal." J. McDonald

“The treatment has changed my Iife, I had high blood pressure and hypertension, but wearing Sleepwell has meant that I sleep better at night and have more energy and focus both personally and with my own business”. A. Gooseman 

"I have had a snoring problem for a very long time and have tried everything. I have actually tried CPAP and it never worked for me, but since I have used the SLEEPWELL™ splint it has completely changed my life. It is amazing how a small customised mouthpiece like that can have so much effect on me. Having had such profound problems I am not sure that I can actually do without the splint, I just like it. The snoring was so bad I actually woke everybody up at home. Now they can barely hear me when I sleep". M. Adebayo 

"I have been married to my husband for 42 years now and have threatened divorce in the past due to his snoring!  We have tried everything, including an operation to reduce his snoring but nothing has worked - until he was fitted with Sleepwell. We are amazed by the difference it has made to our lives now that we both don’t get woken up by every night with his snoring”. Mrs Wood 

"Whilst sat in my dentist waiting room, awaiting my impending pain, I read a poster from S4S - expressing how they could assist in my serial snoring problems. Liking what I saw, I applied for a Sleepwell device. The process, taking a mould of my teeth, was quick and simple and, within 10 days, I had my Sleepwell device ready to use. The device took some getting use to at first, however now, I don't travel without it. I have owned a Sleepwell device for just over a year now and it has made such a huge change in my sleeping habits - I no longer feel tired and irritable in the mornings."