Watch Dr Milad Shadrooh answer your most frequently asked questions.

Video FAQs

Here to help you with some frequently asked questions is Dr Milad Shadrooh, aka, The Singing Dentist. Milad presents our Smilelign Essentials online course and is the principal dentist at Chequers Dental in Basingstoke. He is also a Platinum Smilelign Provider.

How do I send a case to Smilelign?

What are pre-aligners?

Attachments - what are they?

How long should the aligners be worn?

Broken/lost aligners - what do I do?

When are pre-Smilelign appliances needed?

What is IPR? How do I know when to do it?

How often should the patient be seen?

What if things are not proceeding as planned?

Treatment completion - retention options