Snoring & OSA: The Fundamentals

Snoring & OSA: The Fundamentals - Webinar Series

Welcome to our new ‘in 4’ mini-series, a condensed programme consisting of a singular week of webinars and resources.

It is estimated that simple snoring affects about 40% of the population. For some simple snoring is a noise with little impact, but for many bed partners are affected potentially resulting in serious ramifications. OSA - where the snorer suffers apnoeas and hypopnoeas resulting in severely reduced oxygen levels - has further consequences: Lack of sleep is linked to many long-term health implications and can have debilitating impacts on the sufferer as well as the bed partner.

Whilst help is available on the NHS for those diagnosed with severe OSA, there are many that either fall below the classifying AHI score, or that are simple snorers looking for a form of treatment to help reduce the disruption caused by their snoring.

Watch the webinars and access the resources below (uploaded as the programme progresses)

What is Snoring & OSA?

Monday 6th of March. 13:00-14:00 with Professor Ama Johal BDS MSc PhD FDS RCS DMS MOrth RCS FDS(Orth).

Prevalence rates, associated anatomy, potential side effects and successful assessment.

MAS for effective treatment

Wednesday 8th March. 13:00-14:00 with Phil McCall, Client Support Manager, S4S Dental.

A live dive into the variety of splints available, including the development of the MAS.

Course reading

The CPAP and efficacy of the MAS

Conducted by Professor Ama Johal et al., read his critical essay below into research findings on the efficacy of MAS therapy for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Pre-screening Questionnaire

An interactive tool to ensure successful screening of your patients, including an established and transparent care pathway, as well as when and how to refer on to their GP.

ECPD & Feedback

To award ECPD, feedback is required to ensure you have partaken in the webinars and taken your time to review the materials sent out. The feedback request will be sent at the end of the week. You will have 7 days to ensure all elements of the programme are complete and feedback has been submitted. ECPD certificates will be sent out from the 20th of March.

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Please Remember

Completing the programme does not cover you to treat patients from a legal standpoint. Participants will be able to book onto Professor Ama Johal’s full seminar should they choose to further their knowledge and offer such treatment safely to patients.