Smilelign Official Launch

The Dentistry Show 1 & 2 March at the NEC sees the official launch of the Smilelign Clear Aligner system. You may already have heard about Smilelign as it is already one of the fastest growing clear aligner systems in the UK. It is designed to do what clear aligners were originally intended to do. From a set of impressions, Smilelign technicians will scan and plan your case. The Smilelign Ortho Studio software, which is provided free of charge, allows the technicians to discuss, alter and agree treatment plans with you whilst you speak. The aligners are comfortable and virtually invisible in wear and, in some cases, treatment can be completed in as little as six months.

The system enables accurate outcome predictions that can be viewed by the patient at the outset, and malocclusions can be corrected at almost any age. Smilelign allows practitioners to offer cost effective orthodontic treatments enabling you to retain profits as well as keeping patients in your own practice. Smilelign represents an important, new income stream for the practice, which taps into the increasing social emphasis on personal image, with many user practices finding that word of mouth is continually attracting enquiries from new patients.

Visit us on stand S59 at the show to learn more about Smilelign and our other exclusive products; SCi and Sleepwell