Sending Digital Cases

S4S can receive digital cases from a variety of sources:

  • iTero 
  • Sirona
  • 3shape (Trios)
  • Planmeca (export as STL)
  • Carestream (share with
  • Any file sharing programme, e.g. Dropbox (share with

Please send as Closed Shell .stl file (where possible).

A number of these will notify us of a digital file awaiting action, if we are noted as your preferred laboratory. 

Some, however, do not share this information with us. As such, we ask you to complete the below to notify us that a case is waiting. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us on 0114 250 0176.

Prescribing Dentist Name *
Prescribing Dentist Name
Patient Name *
Patient Name
Platform Used: *
Please provide the links to the files here. This helps keep all the information together. However, should this not be possible, please email to as well as submitting this form.