Our clear brace system, Smilelign, is turning 10 this year!

10 years later and our award winning clear brace system is trusted by thousands of dentists up and down the country and overseas. We don’t quite know where the time has gone, but we know we’ve come a long way - developing our system in line with your valued feedback and the latest technology.

We have a lot of exciting events coming up to celebrate Smilelign’s 10th birthday, but if you’re not familiar with our clear brace system - or what we do - then read on!

What are Smilelign clear braces?

Smilelign is our clear orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest technology to produce a series of invisible, removable aligners that are designed to fix common malalignment issues in anterior teeth. Using a series of clear aligners every 2 weeks, Smilelign applies gentle pressure to the teeth - generating 0.3mm of movement per aligner - gradually moving the teeth into the desired position.

10 Years of Unique Benefits


In such a broad market, it’s important to research the most appropriate aligner system for you and your practice. Many clear brace systems are based abroad, which can result in transit problems and delays. Smilelign is UK based - meaning our technicians are on the end of the phone, whenever you should need them. What’s more, we’re able to promptly issue a replacement clear brace if your patient mislays theirs - minimising the effect on treatment.


When you begin using our clear brace system, we’ll send you a copy of the Smilelign Viewer. The software allows you, as a dentist, to view every stage of your patient’s treatment - as well as giving your patient a virtual insight into their Smilelign journey and final result.


We pride ourselves on our award-winning service, and that includes our treatment planning and Pre-Aligners. At the early stages of treatment, we offer a one-off cost treatment plan where the position of the teeth is assessed. The movement of each tooth is manually plotted by one of our skilled Smilelign Technicians, determining the action required to achieve your patient’s future smile.

This treatment plan allows you to see what can be achieved, the duration of treatment and the cost. At this stage, we also issue your patient some non-active Pre-Aligners, giving them a try-before-you-buy period to see if a clear brace can fit into their lifestyle. If they do not want to proceed with treatment, you do not pay any more at this stage.


Teeth are complex and, at times, unpredictable. Therefore, we cap the price at 12 aligners with no extra fees or hidden charges that you’ll need to worry about.


Complete in as little as 12 weeks, Smilelign offer 0.3mm of movement per aligner bringing your patient closer to their final result with a fewer amount of aligners. Realistically, most cases take about 6 months and almost all are completed in a year - resulting in a happier patient!

Smilelign Training Opportunities

Over the past 10 years, we’ve not only developed a range of unique benefits, but also some brilliant training opportunities - giving you the confidence to implement Smilelign in your practice.

Hosted by number one Platinum provider, Dr Caroline Hemington - our online seminar Smilelign: Everything You Need to Know walks you through how Smilelign works and what to expect from both the dentist and patient perspective. We know it can be difficult to find the spare time with a busy schedule, so our online option allows you to cumulate your ECPD hours in your own time.

The training covers:
  • Case selection - what to treat and what to refer on
  • Effective orthodontic assessment, including record taking and successful prescriptions
  • Case management - impressions to retention, including compliance
  • Attachments & IPR (hands-on session when face-to-face only)
  • Successful patient consent
  • Treatment planning and the dentist portal

To learn more, or gain the confidence to implement Smilelign in your practice - click the button below!

März 02, 2023 — Brian Holden