The stipulation of occlusion

There is no more controversial subject in all of dentistry than “occlusion.”  There is no better way to start a brawl in a room full of dentists than to suggest one or more of the following:

1.    “Occlusion doesn’t cause TMD”

2.    “Occlusion doesn’t matter, unless they are occluding.”

3.    "You don’t need to mount your models in centric relation in order to do a good treatment plan.”

4.    “An articulator has nothing to do with how a mandible moves.”

5.    “Interferences don’t cause lateral pterygoid spasms.”

6.    “Placing a patient in CR will not in itself resolve his/her orofacial pain”

7.    “Patients with internal derangements don’t usually have altered occlusions as a result of their joint status.”

8.    “You should NEVER ask patients if they grind or clench their teeth.”

9.    “If a patient tells you that his/her bite is ‘uncomfortable’ you should NOT check his/her occlusion with articulating paper.”

10.  “You should NEVER ask patients ‘How does that feel?’ when checking their occlusion after a restorative procedure.”

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