Protecting Your Patients from Parafunction

An S4S FREE ECPD Mini-Series

Welcome to our 4th free ECPD-verifiable mini-series, Protecting Your Patients from Parafunction.

We know that parafunction and bruxism are prevalent and, worryingly, on the rise, which begs the question what can we - as dentists - do about it? This mini-series see's us join forces with Dr Barry Outlon as he discusses early detection through a consistent awareness when it comes to the signs of bruxing and looks at the SCi - a small, tailored made appliance that can dramatically reduce the strong forces generated in the facial muscles as we brux.

This short course covers:
- Symptoms of bruxism and catching the signs early
- The SCi – how it works and clinical studies
- Laboratory requirements, lab costs, and potential pricing strategy.


Following the programme, feedback will be required to obtain your 2 hours of ECPD. This will be emailed out on Friday the 13th of October. The deadline for completion is Sunday 22nd at midnight, after which the feedback form will not be monitored.


WEBINAR: 9th October @ 1pm

A webinar with Dr Barry Oulton looking at how you can identify signs of bruxism and work to prevent symptoms.

Resource: 10th October

Two resources emailed directly to your inbox, helping to further explain bruxism and SCi options. Questions? Chat to our Customer Support Manager, email marketing to arrange a call!

webinar: 11th October @ 1pm

A webinar with Matt Everatt, Director at S4S, looking at lab requirements and cost.

resource: 12th October

How to fit a Chairside SCi - a short supporting video sent straight to your inbox. Enjoy!


Interested to find out more?

Join Dr. Barry Oulton on his next seminar - find out more and see what dates are available by clicking here. With his next session held on the 24th of November, it is perfect timing to further your knowledge and develop your skills.

As a completer of the mini-series Protecting Your Patients from Parafunction, you will receive a special discount! To redeem this, look for your code, emailed to your inbox after the programme is completed.

Successful Splint Therapy for TMD & Bruxism - Training Course

The course covers everything that you need to offer effective Bruxism treatment in your practice, including: 

  • An overview of Bruxism and TMD
  • How to screen patients and successfully diagnose
  • Splints available and splint design options
  • Splints for post-orthodontic aligner treatment
  • How to care for your splint
  • Communication tips for discussing treatment options with patients
  • Hands-on workshop: SCi construction and muscle examination (only at the in-person seminars).

Led by Dr Barry Oulton, an experienced and passionate dentist with a keen interest in bruxism and parafunction, this course helps you to understand what bruxism is, how to effectively diagnose your patients, and how to help relieve any presenting signs or symptoms