S4S for Dental Laboratory of the Year!

What sets us apart?

We're special because we work together. We care - about our work, clients and, without exception, each other. Our ethos to provide the very best drives teamwork. We don't believe it's achievable without it...

Team ethics/ethos? Strive for excellence, together.

Encouraged to work to the best of our abilities, our team offers support and friendship, whilst striving for excellence. Seeking to achieve together, we're stronger.

We all bring our own talents - from skilled orthodontic work, to innovative workflows to improve efficiency; from the most positive personality, to critical attention to detail. Recognising and harnessing these skills, and creating an environment where people can learn and develop, means our business gets the best from us. Far more than if we worked individually.


"Why should we be Lab of the Year? Because we want to achieve the best we can, and we support each other. Both within work - how we can continuously improve - and outside...

An example? My run! I have never run so far, yet the team have been so encouraging, both emotionally and financially (I ran for a great charity - the Kidney Research UK), that I know I'll make it round!

We really are a true team, and not just in working hours."

Abbie. Soon to be marathon runner.

Abbie. Soon to be marathon runner.

Team away day - loving life!

Team away day - loving life!

Yes, this is us! Some of us, anyway!

Yes, this is us! Some of us, anyway!

After an exhibition...always time for a chat and a cocktail

After an exhibition...always time for a chat and a cocktail

The team at S4S are consummate professionals…The quality of the work returned is excellent...The internal quality procedures are the best I have come across.

I have also worked with S4S on their education programmes – they certainly go the extra mile to support their clients with first class education…
— D Holland, Duncan McNutt Dentistry & D M Aesthetics

Commitment to quality & standards? First-class, according to many...


Delivering quality is critical. Built on professionalism & knowledge, we offer clinically-proven appliances that meet patient need. We commit to quality through:

•Business culture. A must-have quality, striving for 100%, going above expectations is actively sought at interview. Our staff show involvement and enthusiasm, continuously.

•Continuous training. Attending CPD sponsored seminars & in-house training, we learn and develop together. Sharing knowledge and best practice, leads to outcomes including our new Smilelign portal and improved workflows. 

•Collaboration. Working closely with the Dental Technology Department at Sheffield College & Manchester University, we employ students, supporting them along their journey. In return? We get fresh minds with bright ideas.

• DAMAS. We exceed requirements and constantly aim to achieve better than the previous year - see picture and quote :-)

The laboratory’s quality systems are encompassed throughout their business…I am always delighted at each audit to see first-hand the involvement and enthusiasm of the whole team in meeting and exceeding the requirements of DAMAS.
— Sharon Ranshaw, Auditor, DAMAS International Ltd

Ellis. Drummer in soon-to-be famous rock band...

Ellis. Drummer in soon-to-be famous rock band...


"We have staff with years of experience alongside those that have recently qualified, learning, sharing and supporting.

With some 30+ years in laboratory orthodontics, as well as staff from national logistic companies, we all learn from each other. This gives us the upperhand - in terms of our amazing team, and ultimately, the level of our work.

It all comes down to providing the very best; the highest quality, the greatest service..."

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Approach to dentists & patients? Always the same - provide the best.

We always aim for the same: to deliver our very best to our dentists and patients. It is patient care that is at the very heart of what we do. Examples? See below.

  • 100% compliance on our DAMAS audit - showing accurate and smooth workflows, meaning our clients can be assured that we know what we're doing.
  • Clean transition to new premises - working together, our clients went unaffected
  • New Smilelign client portal (coming soon!) - demonstrating commitment to improve communications & customer satisfaction.
  • Technician Quality Assurance: accompanying each device, our QA cards enable continual feedback to ensure the highest standard of manufacture and the highest satisfaction levels of dentists and patients.
  • Sleepwell monitoring: we now measure compliancy. Non-compliant CPAP patients could get their lives back & look forward to a brighter future…
  • University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre: continuing to work together to enhance the Sleepwell, we use a new Metal Injection Moulding technique for accuracy & strength. 
  • New website and patient videos like our snoring one, found here - helping our dentists to better communicate how a GDP can help the patient.
  • Happy clients - both dentists and patients - that come back. Again and again.

Kennedy. Mother to Harry, 1 year.

Kennedy. Mother to Harry, 1 year.


"Becoming a mum isn't easy but the team at S4S have always supported me - especially after returning from maternity leave.  They're flexible and have really helped me to adjust to working life again.

I am someone who will always deliver my absolute best, but when a team is behind you and you're happy at work, that best becomes even greater."

The quality of the work they produce is second to none, however, it is their personal touch and level of communication that sets them above the rest.
— Dr Barry Oulton, Haslemere Dental Surgery


"The guys I work with are great - no matter what I need to achieve, people are always willing to help. They're hard working, open, enthusiastic and always looking to the future...

What does this mean for the business?

Ultimately, it means our business is always looking forward, always innovating, always striving to deliver more for our clients."

Sarah. Kettle bell novice and chicken owner.

Sarah. Kettle bell novice and chicken owner.

S4S are helping shape UK dentistry and I am proud to be associated with them. Integrity, honesty and professionalism are a few words to describe S4S but fun and friendly cannot be missed out either.
— Dr Barry Oulton, Haslemere Dental Surgery

Dental Laboratory 2018: what makes us special?

We're special because we work together. We value one another and strive for excellence. Together, we offer an encouraging environment and provide space for innovative ideas that help us deliver. We are Dental Laboratory of the Year.

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