2018 Duratain strong retainers_strong lady_square.png

Introducing Duratain, our new ultra-strength clear retainer. 

A premium product that is seriously tough, Duratain's precise fit offers effective retention whilst being lightweight and comfortable - helping you keep the smile that you have worked so hard to achieve.

Technical Director - Matt Everatt - commented, ‘Our customers were wanting a retainer material that would be virtually invisible whilst offering better strength and life span than existing materials. The key properties are increased strength, ductility, chemical resistance, clarity, and stress relaxation resistance. Essentially they last longer, stay clearer longer and are crack resistant.’

Made in our UK technology lab, Duratain is crafted from a material that is stronger than others out there. Withstanding forces that a standard retainer would crack under, the risk of breakage is minimised, meaning that you needn't worry.

What 's more, with your digital impressions on file, a new retainer can be supplied quickly and easily should it get lost.

Perfect for those in long-term retention, as well as those that may clench or grind, you can rely on DURATAIN.

Try your first DURATAIN today - with 50% off! Contact us now for an information pack - complete our online form here.