Intra-oral Scanning Used For Sleepwell Snoring Appliance

What the Dentist Dr Tom Nolan of Birmingham said:

My maiden outing with the Carestream Dental CS 3500 intra-oral digital scanner entailed taking full mouth impressions - in at the deep end. The procedure was straightforward even for a first-timer and became quickly intuitive. Consequently, the second arch took a fraction of the time I needed for the first. With practice I feel it would be possible to achieve times comparable with conventional impressions. Apart from the superb accuracy, I liked the flexibility of being able to stop scanning at any point and know that the software would pick up when I restarted. An excellent piece of equipment.

What the Lab said: Matt Everatt, S4S

The prescribing dentist sent the STL files i.e digital impressioning scans of his patient, using Carestream Dental’s secure transfer portal (it’s like a secure version ‘dropbox or wetransfer). The digital scans arrived whilst the patient was still in the chair. In fact, we received a call from the Practice to ask if the scans included enough capturing area. Again, this was while the patient was still in the chair. At S4S, we have ‘open’ CAD/CAM systems which can accept ‘open’ digital impression files (.stl) and the Carestream Dental scanner is ‘Open’. The digital files sent to us imported seamlessly into our existing CAD/CAM systems. After receiving the digital impression scans, we then digitally 3D printed the models. The Sleepwell was manufactured on these 3D printed models and was returned to the dentist four days later. Certainly, receiving the Carestream Dental digital impressions and digital occlusion records whilst the patient was still in the dental chair saved time waiting for the impression to arrive in the post, and then waiting further for the gypsum model to set. The patient was scanned on a Wednesday afternoon and fitted on the following Tuesday morning. We received a call from David at Carestream Dental to say the Sleepwell appliance fitted 100% perfect and that the patient had been very pleased. S4S are pleased to work with Carestream Dental digital impressions.

What the patient, Mr C of Birmingham, said:

I desperately required something to help stop my sleep apnoea but that put me off going for this initially was the thought of having an impression, which previously has been very uncomfortable and an altogether unpleasant experience. So when Tom explained that he would take scans of my teeth instead, during which I could stop and rest and then re scan, it enabled me to move forward with the treatment.  I am thoroughly pleased that I did. The digital impression scanning process was extremely comfortable and I cannot see any reason why all dentists don’t use this - especially for patients like me who hate the messy, gooey material. My sleep apnoea tooth guard fits really well, and I can thoroughly recommend my dentist for deciding to use the digital impression scanner. I would go as far as to say I would pay more for treatment if it was with the scanner, rather than the old way. I will recommend this product (and my dentist for using it) to my friends.