Bruxism Awareness Week 2014, will be the fifth year that S4S will be supporting this annual event.

Raise Awareness

The event aims to raise awareness of Bruxism amongst the dental profession and general public. The aim of the awareness campaign is to involve dental practices offering treatment for Bruxism and to encourage more to follow suit.

We actively enocourage Dental Practices around the UK to hold open days during this week to allow sufferers to discuss there own problems with professionals. Many patients aren't aware that they grind their teeth. We can help them be aware of their problem and how treatment may reduce some symptoms they may have never know where related to their tooth grinding and clenching.

Educating Dental Practicioners

Dr Barry Glassman will be returning to the UK again this year to speak to dentists during Bruxism Awareness Week. Dr Glassman presents a series of myth busting, straight talking lectures. The main theme of the lectures is to arm dentists with knowledge about TMD, Pain Management, Headaches, Migraines all of which have a common theme with Bruxism deeply routed in the content. Dr Glassman discusses the use of an anterior midpoint stop appliance (AMPSA) such as the popular SCi can be used to tame the forces that destroy patients dentition and cause so many pain issues.

Free Info Packs

To help promote Bruxim Awareness Week an information pack is available on request to all UK dental practices. We also hope to raise awareness with the Medical Profession by making them aware that Dentists and Dental treatment can help a lot of patients who suffer the symptoms associated with this terrible problem.

Bruxism Facts

Bruxism (Tooth Clenching and or Grinding) is a terrible condition that affects around 50% of the population, Bruxism is often stress related and it has been reported recently that there has been a 20% increase in patients suffering with bruxism. It is the main cause of tooth wear and breakage, disorders of the jaw (pain and limited movement) headaches and migraines. Both children and adults are affected, but is most common in 25-44 year olds. 

Supporting Charities

Bruxism Awareness Week has supported great charities in the past years such as Help 4 Heroes with donations raised throughout the week. If you would like us to consider your charity please contact Matt or Neil 0n 0114 2500 176.