Almost 10 years ago S4S undertook a huge survey of the general public about snoring and treatments available. Dr Ama Johal, Consultant Orthodontist was tasked by S4S to provide training for general dentists based on the findings of the survey. 

Dr Ama Johal, a leading authority on the use of mandibular advancement therapy in the management of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea at the Institute of Dentistry, Queen Mary’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, London, said, “These findings are important because they identify that snorers are, in fact, largely unaware as to the latest treatments for snoring and sleep disorders, and more importantly how to obtain help”. 

Dr Johal continues, “Many people don’t realise that a number of dentists have now undergone a certified training course with S4S to assess snorers and if appropriate prescribe and fit them with a customised mouth piece that can successfully address their snoring problem and permit them to breath freely whilst asleep”. 

Dr Johal has trained more than 2000 dental practitioners to understand sleep-related breathing disorders and to treat snorers where appropriate with a ‘Sleepwell’™, exclusively made by S4S Ltd, a specialist UK company dedicated to the construction of mandibular advancement splint therapy. Tomorrow 'Snoring - A Role For The GDP' will be presented by Dr Johal in Manchester at Ashley Latter's venue in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Sleepwell will be just one of the devices discussed and demonstrated to the dentists attending.

‘Sleepwell’™ was developed in Australia and is the most clinically proven mandibular advancement splint of its kind internationally. This independent research was conducted by Dr Maree Barnes of The Institute of Breathing and Sleep & co - researchers, Australia. In these trials over 95% of simple snorers were successfully treated with ‘Sleepwell’. 

Details of the seminar and future events are listed here.

Dentists may seek support from their protection society assuming they have attended an appropriate and documented training course.