published an article last week referencing a study published in the British Dental Journal stating that only 35% of dental practices have a working website. This got me thinking, it would be good to give you some handy tips about how you can use digital communications to better engage with your patients. 

1. Move with the times

The way people seek recommendations for services (such as which dentist to use) and treatment options is changing rapidly because of the Internet. Over 50% of Brits now have an Internet compatible smartphone and 80% of British homes are connected to the web. Simply put, if you don’t have an online presence you may as well close your doors.

2. Get a ‘responsive’ website

What does that mean? That it talks back to me? No, a responsive website responds to the device it is accessed from. Until recently websites were designed just to look good and work well on desktop computers. With a responsive website, no matter how you access it (smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop) you’ll still be able to easily navigate, read and obtain the key information.

3. Consider your audience

It’s vital to consider your audience when trying to communicate with them. You want patients and prospective patients to easily see the value you offer, connect with your unique offering and know that your practice is the one for them. Studies have shown that revolving banner images don’t drive more engagement. You need clear calls to action, presented in a way that will ensure your patients see the value in your practice.

4. Use social media

There was a time when the trusty phone book was the first resource people would reach for to find services. Social media has become the go-to voice for recommendations and assistance. It isn’t, as some perceive, something that only teenagers use to share selfies. Social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, are used by your patients on a daily basis. The important thing that many industries are now realising is how beneficial it is to be apart of the conversation, rather than a spectator.

5. Don’t be shy

Sitting on the fence and waiting isn’t going to get you ahead in this area. You need to engage with your patients before they start talking to another practice that’s ahead. You don’t need to be shy about asking for help either. There are agencies that can provide cost effective websites and manage your social media for you so that you can focus on doing what you do well, running a great dental practice.

If you’re wanting a new website or need someone to take care of your social media, we can recommend our provider, Social We Talk? You can get in touch with them at, call them on 0114 2588072 or visit their website where you’ll also find links to their social media channels.

Thanks for reading,

Matt Everatt

S4S Technical Director