S4S Dental Laboratory Become Scanning Partners For Blizzident 3D Printed Toothbrush

A group ofinnovative dentists has created a toothbrush they say can clean teeth thoroughly in less than six seconds

Manufacturer Blizzident uses 3D scans of Dental Models from impressions taken by dentists. An extremely precise 3D printer is used to create a brush for each individual customer.

Each custom made brush contains around 400 soft bristles and requires the wearer to chew their teeth in order to clean. Its makers say it eliminates brushing errors that people typically make, but experts say more research is needed.

The Blizzident toothbrush technology will cost you around £250 for the brush and a further £20 to have your models scanned by UK scanning partner S4S Dental Laboratory. Subsequent brushes are cheaper, and old ones can be reconditioned for less than 100 euros, the company says.

"Because you are brushing all your teeth at the same time, you are brushing extremely quickly," claim Blizzident. "You brush all the difficult-to-reach and interdental regions without even having to think about it."

Matt Everatt - TechnIcal Director said. "We are fdelighted to be involved with yet another incredibly innovative company like Blizzident and become their scanning partners in the UK. Dentist can send in their impressions to us and we with deal with the digitizing and management of the data. The dentist simply sends in upper and lower impressions with a payment of £20 for the scanning service. Then Blizzident will deal with the rest."

Speaking about the Blizzident concept, Prof Damien Walmsley, scientific adviser to the British Dental Association, said the key concern must always be safety.

"It's something out of the ordinary, a different approach," he told the BBC. "It's not what you use, it's how you brush, it's your technique. It needs to be checked that it's completely safe."