Obstructive sleep apnoea is a major health issue here in the UK, and said to be the main cause of deaths on the road, more so than drink diving. On a recent online forum of Sheffield MP Meg Munn wrote that Heeley, her constituency and within the locality of S4S premises, it is predicted to have a higher than average rate of people suffering sleep apnoea.

A spokesperson from S4S said "It's very sad that the rate of people suffering OSA is higher in our very own area. Approximately 80% of sufferers go in diagnosed because there is such lack of awareness surrounding this condition. Free screening is available on our website, at your doctors or even in your dentists surgery. MP Meg Munn, our local politician is working to raise the awareness of OSA and has recently tweeted that the government are choosing to ignore the Health and Safety Executives (HSE) advice that more should be done to prevent work related deaths on the roads. I am so cautious when driving on the motorway these days, I see so many drivers that are all over the place, I give them a wide birth. Falling asleep at the wheel is the biggest cause of road accidents more so than drink driving and none of us want drunk drivers on the roads.'

He continued, "The good news is sleep apnoea can be treated and the benefits of treatment are amazing. Sleep apnoea can be likened to sleep deprivation, sufferers do not get refreshing sleep, therefore they wake feeling tired. Treatment reverses that and the sufferer gets a food nights sleep. Our dental laboratory makes around 400 snoring and sleep apnoea mouthpieces per month and that figure is on the increase. It is such simple treatment and it works! Your very own dentist can fit them. Sleepwell iis just one if the type of mouthpieces we make and s the most clinically proven device available. Proven 97% successful for snoring and mild-moderate sleep apnoea."