In a recent twitter conversation with Sheffield MP Megg Munn we have learnt that our Government are chosing not to listen to the Health and Safety Executive expertise to identify why more people die at work on the road than any other way!

Megg Munn MP has been lobbying for free Sleep Apnoea screening for professional drivers ever since one of her constituents family member was killed in a Road Traffic Accident by a sleepy driver.

"This is very short sighted of our Government to ignore this, Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) screening is extremely low cost whereas a Road Traffic Accident can cost £millions and at worse death! Drivers can be screened for OSA free of charge online. This is not a diagnosis more a risk asssessment of the signs and symptoms of Snoring & Sleep Apnoea." says a representative from S4S.

In this video we see just how dangerous a sleepy driver can be. We can only assume that this driver is either distracted or is falling asleep causing them to veer into the hard shoulder time after time on a busy stretch of the motorway.