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Dr Ahmet Bilginer talks about why he loves to offer Smilelign Clear Braces to his patients.

Why I Choose Smilelign For My Patients

At Durban Dental Centre we offer a few different types of orthodontic braces to straighten teeth. These days lots more people want to get nice straight teeth but don't want the ugly train track type. This is why we offer Smilelign Invisible Braces,  they are a great way to straighten your teeth, you no longer need to have the fixed metal wires and brackets. The clear aligners are made in series and can be as quick as just 3-6 months to complete the treatment.

A Top Team Giving You A Top Smile

One of our team at The Durban Dental Centre will take moulds of your teeth, these are sent to our dental laboratory S4S to be scanned. Once scanned the teeth are moved into their new ideal position.The highly skilled technicians will use specially designed computer software to calculate how to move your teeth and by how much. It will then calculate how many aligners you will need to achieve your desired result. Each aligner is customised to your teeth and removable. You will wear it for between 2-4 weeks before changing to the next one. Along the way your teeth will move a little at a time towards their final position.

Why We Offer Smilelign At Durban Dental Centre

We chose Smilelign Clear Braces for our patients because they are simple, affordable, patient satisfaction has been fantastic and we have experienced such great customer service from S4S. That all equals a very happy dentist and more importantly very happy patients; what's not to love?

Will It Affect My Day-to-Day Life?

Smilelign is perhaps the most simple and straightforward brace. The aligners are comfortable to wear and nearly invisible. There is no need to be self conscious, it's I'd almost impossible to see you are wearing braces. The aligners are removable so you can eat, drink and clean your teeth normally.

Want To Get Your Teeth Straight With Smilelign?

Patients are able to make an appointment with oir friendly reception team for a time convenient for them. We also offer a free consultation with the dentist to discuss orthodontics, implants and facial aesthetics. It's so easy to get on the journey to get beautiful straight teeth. 

Smilelign available now at Durban Dental Centre - Telephone: 01892 652377 or visit

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