S4S Make A Hit In The Dental Top 5

For the 2nd consecutive month S4S have been listed in the 'Top 5 Things I Couldn't Do Without' in PPDs monthly feature.

Each month PPD interview a well known Dental Practicioner or Key Opinion Leader in this feature, 'What are the 5 things you couldn't do without in your Dental Practice. 

In Decembers issue of Premium Practice Dentistry, Dr Kirk Young a leader and lecturer in the field of Minimal Invasive Dentistry wrote glowingly that he couldn't do without the Occlusal Splints made by S4S. Saying S4S splints are an integral part of his everyday dentistry.

Furthermore, in January 2013 edition of the popular PPD magazine Dr Barry Oulton listed S4S Laboratory in his top 5. He went on to say that not only had the services and devices provided by S4S changed the direction of his practice, he had managed to change patients lives with the treatments he was able to provide with the SCi splints. He had previously spoke of helping a near suicidle teenager by stopping her chronic daily headaches with one of the splints provided by S4S.

Matt Everatt commented, "What an exciting year it has been at S4S in 2012. We ended the year on such a high with being in the top 5 list of Dr Youngs. We have such an outstanding team at S4S. I am humbled by the efforts made by everyone of the team. We came back to work on the 2nd of January to find us in Dr Oultons Top 5! It's such a honour to work with such outstanding dentists. We really hope that this run of good fortune and good will extends to the Private Laboratory Awards on the 25 th of January. We are nominated for 4 awards, we are just hoping that the teams efforts will be recognised as the best laboratory of the year."

Neil Bullement - Director at S4S continued "2013 is going to be an exciting year for us at S4S, and to end 2012 with a mention from Dr Kirk Young in his top 5, followed by the inclusion in Dr Oultons top 5 is just an outstanding achievement. We are really looking forward to the Lab Awards in a couple of weeks time. We just hope that the teams efforts have been recognised by the judging panel. We are very proud of our technicians and admin staff."