NTI-tss Gets Its New Name

We are now into our 6th year of exclusively supplying NTI-tss (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition - tension suppression system) in the UK and Ireland. NTI has been such an amazing device and we have experienced such fantastic feedback from Dentists and patients. 

We at S4S have been working very closely with Therapeutic Solutions International (TSI- Int.)- the USA creators and manufacturers of the NTI-tss.  In recent months we have now expanded our distribution of NTI-tss into Europe, we are now able to supply them to France, Spain, and the Scandinavian countries.

New Distribution Agreement - New Name - Same Device

As part of the expansion plans with NTI-tss we have been discussing a name change. The NTI-tss name isn't the easiest to roll off the tongue and often gets referred to as NiTi which is a completely different entity altogether.  During last months seminars with Dr Barry Glassman (Director of Education at TSI)  he explained that the NTI got its name as originally the developers thought it was reducing nociception to the trigeminal ganglion by reflex and proprioception. We now know it doesn't quite work that way, it still has the same benefit however.  

Dr Glassman referred to the NTI-tss as an Anterior Midpoint Stop Appliance (AMPSA). In his words it is exactly that. The Americans are planning to rename and rebrand the NTI and already have trademarks registered AMPSA + (Lab made), Migran-X™ and AMPSA CS™. They have given us free reign to use this or carry on with our own name SCi (Sleep Clench Inhibitor) that we originally called the lab made NTI.

We have debated this for many months now and feel that the SCi (Sleep Clench Inhibitor) is already well know to out UK dentists and a good description of what it does. Obviously it can also be used daytime, so the 'Sleep' part of the title is a little redundant when we refer to a daytime SCi. We plan to use 2 versions of the SCi name. SCi™ will be the new name for the NTI-tss Chairside fitted splints that are purchased in kits and SCi+™ will be the new name for the laboratory made device. We have registered trademarks and the international patents protect the name and device exactly as before. We would encourage any of our colleagues to bring to our attention any laboratories that try and offer similar devices or use the name so we can make them aware that they cannot legally provide these devices without our permission. For now, we have no plans to license other laboratories although we can still provide a lab to lab service if you have a lab on site in your practice.

If you would like to discuss the name change with anyone at S4S please contact us, we assure you that there will be absolutely no adverse effects to your lab service or ability to purchase stock. You will gradually see that we change leaflets, prescription forms and all other relevant information throughout the next 12 months.

We thank all of you that participated in the name discussion and look forward to working with you for many years to come.