The Benefits of Study Model Archiving with 3D Digital Scanning

·       The Smilelign 3D Digital Scanning system ensures secure, accurate and easily retrievable patient data.

·       The use of 3D digital imaging provides highest quality patient records.

·       No loss of quality with Digital data in comparison to standard plaster study models, which deteriorate over time.

·       Free software to analyse, measure and record to an unprecedented degree of accuracy.

·       Fragile plaster models are susceptible to damage.

·       Expensive to store physical models.

·       Loss/Damage Risk Reduction: In a sample of 1000 models in storage, 4% proved to be inadmissible in terms of medico legal proceedings. In the same sample 23% of the models showed evidence of damage.

·       Smilelign 3D Digital Imaging system is proven and robust.

·       Open file type gives end user flexibility (can be saved as STL file format ).

Cost Savings and Benefits

Elimination of significant costs:

·       No storage space required, other than digital space.

·       Free 1 year storage on our secure server.

·       Digital storage is cheap, approximately 5000 models per DVD.

·       Efficient, instant patient record and model retrieval.

·       Patient data can be effectively and instantly transferred between Clinicians in any location.

The current legislation on model storage is; Orthodontic and Maxillofacial Clinics are required to store pre and post treatment study models. For medico-legal purposes, the Consumer Protection Act (1987) outlines retention of all patient records for no less than 11 years (British Dental Association, 2000) or, alternatively, until the patient is 26 years old (Machen, 1991). However, if the same information can be obtained from study models stored electronically, problems of space, cost of storage, and risk of damage are entirely removed, while still fulfilling the medico-legal requirements.