Bruxism Awareness Week Brings Hope to Sufferers

Estimated to affect 8-10% of the UK population - although some believe this is as high as 50% - Bruxism often goes undiagnosed and countless people are suffering in silence. Bruxism Awareness Week 2012 aimed to change that with activities and events to raise the condition’s profile.

Bruxism, or teeth grinding, often takes place during sleep and can lead to tooth damage, poor sleep quality and chronic pain. Dentists can help their patients with a range of treatments available such as the proven NTI-tss occlusal splint system from S4S.

Through a series of activities, Bruxism Awareness Week, 22nd – 28th October 2012, encouraged dental practitioners to start providing treatment for Bruxism or to more actively promote their services to patients. Dr Barry Glassman, internationally renowned authority on Bruxism, gave a series of ‘myth busting’ presentations to packed audiences. His hands-on session in London was also a huge success, selling out well in advance of the day.

Dental practices throughout the country held open days so patients could learn more about the condition and how their dentist can help.

S4S Dental provided free Bruxism Awareness Week packs to assist practices to take part, reach out to their patients and ease their suffering.

Following the success of Bruxism Awareness Week 2012 S4S will be running several seminars and events in 2013 to continue raising the profile of this debilitating disorder. Learn more about Bruxism by clicking here.

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