100 Dentist to Attend Bruxism Lectures This Week

S4S have encouraged around 100 GDPs to attend Dr Barry Glassmans Seminars this week. Monday was the opener to the week with the Traumatic Occlusion and Bruxism session in Dublin, Ireland. The delegates all rated the Dr Glassmans seminar as Excellent or Very Good. Attendees listened to the myth busting, international speaker about the destructive forces that threaten the very day dentistry that they do.

A US specialist in pain management and TMJ dysfunction, Dr Glassman will deliver lectures on Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week in London to examine the latest theories of occlusion and splint therapy, and the reality of occlusion’s role in pain control.

“You will learn the myths of occlusion, it will be enlightening and exciting – things you know are true but have been told for years weren’t, actually…ARE!” says Dr Glassman.

A specially tailored programme of seminars will allow dental practitioners to learn more about Traumatic Occlusion and Bruxism, Practical Occlusion and TMD, and to benefit from a “hands-on” practical session.

Occlusion, when it matters, when it doesn’t, when appliances should be used, the importance of joints and new practice management concepts are just some of the important lessons that delegates will cover.

There are still limited spaces available for the Thursday and Friday session at the BDA venue in Wimpole Street, unfortunately the Hands On session on Saturday is sold out.

if you would like to attend, call 0114 250 0176 and ask if there is still any late places available.