S4S Launch Bruxism Awareness Week 2012 With International Lecturer Dr Barry Glassman

In today’s climate of austerity and uncertainty more people than ever before are living in an anxious state, and this can lead to a variety of stress-related conditions. Migraines, neck ache, tinnitus and poor sleep quality are widespread complaints that individuals frequently dismiss out of hand as side effects of stress and modern living. However, the reality is they are very likely suffering from Bruxism.

Bruxism is one of the most common conditions to be induced or exacerbated by tension and yet surprisingly few people are familiar with the term or know about the damage it can do. Or indeed, who can help.

For these reasons, in 2010 the team at S4S, exclusive providers of the NTI-tss mini anterior Bruxism splint, decided to established Bruxism Awareness Week. They realised just how little awareness there was amongst both the public and dental professionals on this subject and decided that something had to be done. The annual event aims to enlighten sufferers as to the nature of their condition and encourage them to contact their local dentist for simple, swift and straightforward treatment.

A huge success, the event was repeated in 2011 and now the third Bruxism Awareness Week takes place 22nd to 28th October 2012.

In addition to educating the UK public, Bruxism Awareness Week also serves as a reminder to dental professionals. Bruxism, or tooth grinding and clenching, usually occurs as a parafunctional activity at night while the patient is asleep. As a result, they are often completely oblivious to the habit and so it is up to practitioners to be alert and vigilant to Bruxism and the associated signs of tooth wear.

During Bruxism Awareness Week, dental practices throughout the UK will be holding open days, encouraging patients to make the first step towards getting professional help. A ‘Practice Information and Promotion’ pack from S4S is available to any UK practice on request to help publicise activity and treatment.

Dr Barry Glassman - Bruxism Seminars

The event will also include a series of seminars and promotional events to draw attention to the scale of distress brought about by Bruxism. Dr Barry Glassman lead clinician in his Allentown Pain Management practice in Pennsylvania will kick off the event with his Traumatic Occlusion and Bruxism lecture in Dublin on Monday 22nd October. He then brings his lectures to the BDA in London. Closing the week with a Hands On NTI fitting session on Saturday.

Believed to affect over half of adults in the UK, Bruxism is the main cause of tooth wear and breakage, headaches, migraines and disorders of the jaw. Dentists are advised to look for classic signs in the dentition such as stress fractures, cusp fractures and abfractions.

Sadly, Bruxism can go undiagnosed for years when simple dental treatment, such as the NTI-tss occlusal splint system from S4S, could prevent further suffering. The splint operates by keeping the molars apart while creating a connection between the upper and lower incisors. This connection triggers the NTI reflex, forcing the jaw to relax.

S4S is calling for all UK dental practices to get involved with Bruxism Awareness Week 2012 and together we can stop Bruxism in its tracks.

If you would like to learn more about Bruxism Awareness Week or request a free information and promotion pack, please contact S4S on: 0114 250 0176 or email: info@s4sdental.com