S4S yet again leading in their field of expertise by pioneering the latest 3D digital dental technology with Smilelign.

Smilelign exclusively by S4S is the lastest innovation to come from the Sheffield Dental Laboratory. Hoping to be awarded Best Dental Laboratory at the forthcoming Private Laboratory Awards, this latest edition goes a long way to proving S4S' ability to innovate and not only win the Best Dental Laboratory Award, but maybe the Most Innovative category too?

Matt Norie - Laboratory Manager says 'Smilelign is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in a Dental Lab, the software puts clear orthodontic aligners into another league. The free viewer software allows us to demonstrate treatment goals and objectives with our clients and allows them to show their patients exactly what result they get at the end of treatment.'

Smilelign scanners are the fastest machines on the market, our digital 3D printers are the highest resolution leading to crystal clear aligners. 'We have perfected a unique manufacturing process unlike any other system, right down to the finishing of the clear aligners, achieving glass clear aligners. We are the only aligner system to currently achieves this.' Matt Everatt -Technical Director remarked. 

3D Digital Archiving

A Study model archiving service is available using this amazing scanning technology. Prices cheaper than having regular models cast. Your practice can have 3D models for just £8.95, we can give a more competitive price should you want a lot of models archiving at once.! If you would like all your existing models in your practice archived we offer a bureau service, we arrange to collect your models, scan them, dispose of your models and send you the 3D files to you electronically. Imagine gaining that model room back!