Smilelign Invisible orthodontic aligner system uses the latest technology on UK dental market. The revolutionary Smilelign orthodontic aligner system is an example of the cutting edge innovations being offered by S4S. 

Now dentists and patients in the UK can benefit from cost effective and clinically effective treatment with this fantastic new clear aligner system.

What the Professionals say….

Dr Milad Shadrooh — Basingstoke

“Smilelign is a great new system backed by a fantastic team of skilled technicians. I have experienced excellent service and amazing treatment options for my patients. Having used clear aligners for a number of years, I was very keen to start using this new aligner system as Smilelign offers a more cost effective way for ptients to get the results they want.”

Mr Norie — Orthodonic Technician

“I am so pleased to have Smilelign in our Laboratory and excited to be able to offer this quality service to our patients. The software and state of the art dental scanners give us the ability to move our orthodontic treatments into the 21st century. We have already created so many beautiful smiles.”