For the UK's 15 million snorers, night time can involve disturbed sleep for the snorer and their bed partner, as well as causing unwanted physical and psychological side effects for adults and children alike. S4S (UK) Limited is raising awareness of the condition during National Stop Snoring week, 23rd to 27th April, 2012.

Matt Everatt – Technical Director at S4S says: "Snorers are more likely to suffer from excessive sleepiness during the day, making them irritable and suffer mood swings. Snorers are more likely to suffer with anxiety and depression. Snorers generally have more health complaints and a poorer quality of life, and are more likely to have social, psychological, employment and relationship difficulties as a result of their condition.

National Stop Snoring Week is the annual event promoting awareness to the general public and the medical/dental professional. Nobody needs to suffer as a result of snoring: it is a condition that can be treated very easily. Snoring can be a symptom of a more serious condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA).

There are some very well recognised signs and symptoms and snoring sufferers can be easily screened for this condition. Snorers can quickly find out if they have a higher risk of OSA by filling in the online for free and the results will be emailed back to you."