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Welcome to our mini-series on bruxism, Bruxism: An Introduction. This page will be used for the programme once the course starts but for now it is worth bookmarking the URL so you're all ready.

We look forward to meeting you on the 3rd of July.


Grinding and clenching (bruxism) are dental concerns that are on the rise in the West, partly attributed to the increased pace of life and resulting stress.

After multiple reports showing a marked rise of cases during and following the COVID-related lockdown, we invite Dr Barry Glassman - a passionate and renowned expert on chronic pain and joint dysfunction - to help us better understand bruxism and how as a dental professional we can help to minimise the potential damage and protect our patients.

This short course - part of the S4S 'In 4' Mini-Series - covers:
- What is bruxism, why do we brux, and how important parafunction is
- How lifestyle changes may help reduce bruxing
- Splint options to protect our patients


Monday 3rd July

A short webinar hosted by Dr Barry Glassman that introduces bruxism and parafunction, explains potential causes or aggravating factors, and looks at how you can protect your patients dentition & jaw health.


A supporting document sent straight to your inbox, aiming to offer a simple and concise description of clenching and grinding.


Provided to help inhibit the signs and possible damage caused by bruxing, occlusal splints all work is slightly different ways. Join us, and our host from S4S, to find out more, and decide on the right one for your patients.


An interesting read on bruxism and the (minimal) risks around an open anterior bite. Sent straight to your inbox, this helps provide additional material that is useful to know.


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Interested in learning more?

This year we are excited to welcome Dr. Barry Glassman back to the UK, for not one but two events!

A single day lecture in Glasgow followed by a two-day event in London, the two-day seminar features a practical hands-on session where you can learn to make your own chairside SCi.

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Additional reading & a small gift!

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