About S4S Dental

Our History

Now known as S4S, we started in 2005 as Solutions 4 Snoring with the aim to help dentists provide treatment for snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders. Though recognised by the NHS, it only offered treatment for the most serious cases. S4S saw an opportunity and believed that there was a way in which we could help serve all those that suffered, but weren't eligible for NHS treatment. We also
believed treatment could be delivered at a price point that was accessible.

Since then, the business has grown year on year. Starting out with just five people, the business now has two sites and employs over 120 staff members that all work together to provide the best products and service to our customers. 

With a strong focus on innovation, the S4S lab now boasts state-of-the-art technologies and has developed processes and procedures that ensure that quality appliances and service are delivered to our dentists every time.

This is further showcased with multiple industry awards that we've earnt for our customer service, something we're very proud of and rightly celebrate.

Our Directors

John Bevan

Ellis Bullement

Matthew Norie

Matt Everatt

Neil Bullement