What Is Smilelign?

Looking to transform your smile?

Smilelign clear aligners straighten your teeth to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. By using a series of removable aligners, Smilelign allows you to smile with confidence.

Traditionally, metal brackets and wires were the only type of braces available for straightening teeth. Thanks to our innovative technology, Smilelign clear aligners are virtually invisible, allowing you to straighten your teeth discreetly. With almost all Smilelign cases completed within 12 months, your new smile could be closer than you think.

Smilelign treatment is available at thousands of dental practices throughout the UK. Find a provider near you today, and start your journey towards a better, straighter smile.

Smilelign aligners help transform thousands of smiles every year - why not yours too?

Benefits of Smilelign


The Smilelign aligner system consists of a series of clear braces each marginally different in shape, that move your teeth in small stages to create your future smile.


Worn for 2 weeks at a time, the aligners are removable. This makes them a seamless addition to your lifestyle, and helps maintain good oral health.


At your initial consultation, your Dentist will take impressions or scans. From these, our skilled Planners will map the journey needed to achieve your new smile.


You will receive a set of Pre-Aligners - exclusive to Smilelign - with your treatment plan. These allow you to try before you buy to ensure Smilelign is right for you.


With costs as low as £1000 for simpler cases, Smilelign is amongst the most affordable teeth straightening treatments available.

Clinically Effective

Designed and implemented by skilled Dentists and Orthodontists, you know that your new smile is in expert hands with Smilelign treatment.

Start your Smilelign Journey Today

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