Successful Splint Therapy for TMD & Bruxism

with Dr Barry Oulton

Course Details

Subject: Bruxism, TMD & the SCi

Host: Dr Barry Oulton

Study options: Online, In-person

ECPD: 6 hours

Cost: Various - from £195


Learn how to make a Chairside SCi splint on our In-person seminar.



Newly refined following 15 years of successfully training GDPs, we have redesigned our programme to ensure it perfectly equips you with the skills required to confidently treat patients presenting with signs and symptoms of Bruxism.



We offer a variety of delivery methods to suit you. Whether you prefer to learn in person, or need the convenience of online, we deliver both options.

Bruxism is a medical condition characterised by the grinding or clenching of teeth and can be debilitating for many sufferers. However, despite being prevalent throughout the UK and, worryingly on the rise Bruxism often remains overlooked and underdiagnosed and, therefore, untreated.

Led by Dr Barry Oulton, an experienced and passionate dentist with a keen interest in Bruxism and parafunction, this course helps you to understand what Bruxism is, how to effectively diagnose your patients, and how to help relieve any presenting signs or symptoms.

The course covers everything that you need to offer effective Bruxism treatment in your practice, including: 

  • An overview of Bruxism and TMD
  • How to screen patients and successfully diagnose
  • Splints available and splint design options
  • How to care for your splint
  • Communication tips for discussing treatment options with patients
  • Production of Chairside SCi (In-person only).

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Our new structure offers three different options to suit your needs. With varying benefits, you can choose which is the right option for you.

Online Only - £195

  • Digital copy of seminar
  • 6 hours of verifiable ECPD

Online Package - £395

  • Digital copy of seminar
  • 6 hours of verifiable ECPD
  • Demo SCi appliance
  • Lab-made SCi dental splint
  • SCi Starter Kit (Chairside Kit)
  • Marketing support

In-person Package - £450

  • Digital copy of the seminar
  • 6 hours of verifiable ECPD
  • Face-to-face interaction and guidance
  • Hands-on SCi workshop
  • Demo SCi appliance
  • Lab-made SCi dental splint
  • SCi Starter Kit (Chairside Kit)
  • Marketing support

Grow Your Knowledge

Meet our Host: Dr Barry Oulton


Dr Barry Oulton is a highly experienced dentist, lecturer and vocational trainer, who brings a wealth of practical knowledge to this commonly misdiagnosed condition.

As a sought-after coach and speaker, he travels internationally and has helped 1000’s of dentists and their teams with TMD, grinding, clenching, communication skills and business coaching.