Das letzte Okklusionsseminar, das Sie jemals brauchen werden - Schulungskurs

Vollständige Informationen zum Kurs, einschließlich der behandelten Themen und der Inhalte der einzelnen Paketoptionen, finden Sie unten.
Unter der Leitung von Dr. Barry Glassman, einer international anerkannten Autorität auf dem Gebiet der Behandlung chronischer Schmerzen, wirft dieser Kurs einen neuen Blick auf Bruxismus und stattet Sie mit dem theoretischen Wissen und den lebenswichtigen praktischen Fähigkeiten aus, die Sie benötigen, um Ihren leidenden Patienten erfolgreich zu helfen.

Join Dr Barry Glassman on his first UK seminar since 2019!

Are you currently using conventional night guards or repositioning appliances to protect your patients whose diurnal and/or nocturnal activity is causing dental damage, threatening your dentistry, or contributing to pain or dysfunction?

Are you using SCi’s but wonder about why it is so effective or are the concerns about segmental appliances that are often expressed real?

When is an SCi contraindicated?

Dr Barry Glassman is an internationally recognised authority on occlusion and the role of parafunctional control in the protection of the forces that threaten our patients in so many ways. He will guide you through two enjoyable and enlightening days that exposes a new truly life changing perspective on evidence based concepts that lead to extremely practical clinical skills. These exciting discoveries result in simplified concepts to successfully protect your patient’s teeth and at the same time potentially play a major role in management of previously undiagnosed pain and joint dysfunction.

This course is suitable for any GDP, no matter what your occlusal training to date has been.


  • 2-day seminar with evening social
  • Practical splint workshop
  • Face-to-face guidance
  • SCi demo appliance, Chairside kit and lab-made device
  • 12 hours of verifiable ECPD
  • Marketing support
  • Digital copy of ‘Myth-Busting Occlusion for the General Dentist’ full-day seminar



With over 10 years of successfully training GDPs in our core areas, we have redesigned our programme offering to ensure it best meets your needs.


Day 1 - Thursday 14th September 2023:

Seminar: 9-5pm

  • INTRODUCTION: Course objectives
  • A Critical Evaluation of the Goals of Occlusion including 'Stability'
  • The History of Occlusion in Dentistry:
    - How we got where we are
    - The Treacherous Path of Pain Management in Dentistry
  • The Stipulation of Occlusion: 
    - Parafunction - Proposed Causes
    - Internal Derangements
    - Role of Bruxism in internal derangements
    - Role of CNS in pain Nociplastive trigeminal signaling
  • Practical Anatomy and Physiology
  • The History and Clinical Exam
  • Muscle Activity in Parafunction; Anterior Midpoint Stops
  • Occlusal Dysesthesia:  Preventing and treating the occlusal neurotic
  • Why and How to check occlusion post restorative procedures
  • Myths of Appliance Therapy and Occlusion
  • Daytime Parafunctional Control
  • Orofacial Pain and Chronic pain
  • PRACTICAL DEMONSTRATION: Chairside SCi splint.
  • Discussion on occlusal philosophies of various TMD camps and restorative gurus (with special guest Dr Barry Oulton).

From 6pm

A relaxed evening of food and drinks, with the opportunity to network with other delegates and discuss the day’s content with our course speakers.


Day 2 - Friday 15th September 2023:

Seminar: 9-5pm

  • Review Day One
  • The Clinical Examination including Ligament Insertion Palpations
  • The Truth about Muscle Palpation
  • Intracapsular Disorders – Case Presentation of Disc Displacement with Reduction
  • Physiology and myths of Anterior Midpoint Stop Appliances
  • Diagnosis and treatment of ligament insertion injuries
  • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders Reviewed and a new look at “TMD.
  • Review of the model of diagnosis and conservative diagnostic therapy
  • Migraine:  Physiology, Diagnosis, and the Dental role in treatment
  • Pharmacology; Most common supportive agents
  • Case Presentations and Discussion
  • Degenerative Joint Disease Revisited
  • Referred Otalgia
  • Cervicogenic Headache
  • Therapeutic Protocol of Anterior Midpoint Stop Appliance Therapy
  • Summary and Review

Meet our Host: Dr Barry Glassman

Dr Barry Glassman is an internationally recognised authority on Bruxism and related issues. His hard-hitting and inspirational talks have been popular with dental audiences around the world.

A popular and dynamic speaker, Dr Glassman maintained a private practice limited to chronic pain management, temporomandibular joint dysfunction and dental sleep medicine. He currently serves as consultant to the Allentown Pain and Sleep Centre with Dr. Don Malizia and Dr. Tony Polit, maintaining the Allentown Model and the Allentown Pain and Sleep Centre.

The Venue

For 2023, we are excited to announce that our In-person seminars are taking place at a brand new venue - St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, London.

Located just a 5-minute walk from both St Pancras and King’s Cross, the venue is easily accessible by both train and tube.

Built in 1873, this historic venue provides stunning rooms and architecture, with our seminars hosted in The Ordish. Also included as part of the seminar package is a delicious hot buffet.