We all crave the perfect night’s sleep. But, waking up feeling energized and refreshed or being able to sleep the whole way through is simply a pipe dream for some. Our sleep, or lack of, plays a big role in maintaining our health, contributing to the wellness of our brain, heart and weight.

For people suffering from sleep deprivation conditions, such as: Snoring, or Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), it can become rather important to have a solution, or a prevention appliance in place to combat the issue. However, it is often overlooked, or unknown that your dentist can provide you with this solution. If you find yourself having a growing concern with this issue, your dentist is definitely a great place to start!

What is in place for these conditions:

Knowing the impact of continuous sleepless nights, S4S provide dentists with a number of appliances to aid those that suffer from snoring. All of which focus primarily on bringing forward your lower jaw, making sure to prevent any obstruction of your airway. The result of this action is an increased volume of air with each breath, as well as limiting the amount of disruptions to you (and your bed partner!) throughout the night. A super simple but super effective idea

Known as Mandibular Advancement Splints (MAS) or Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD) oral appliance therapy is one of the most common treatments of choice - highly effective, less expensive and more patient friendly. The extremely effective appliance: ‘The Sleepwell’ is an appliance manufactured with an adjustable screw. The purpose of this is to ensure the user can find both a solution to their snoring habits, and remaining as comfortable as possible whilst they sleep. Resulting in better relationship with the device and therefore a long-lasting prevention to their snoring.

However, for some people it isn’t as easy as an anti-snoring appliance. Those found to be suffering from severe OSA will more than likely need more advanced medical intervention, such as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP). This is for severe cases, when the sufferer is often woken in the night by their condition (more than 30 interruptions an hour) due to the lack of oxygen they have received whilst sleeping. This treatment is recommended for such conditions, and offers the highest clinical success for their severe sleep apnoea.

The benefits of a good night sleep:

Once you have found the solution for your snoring habits or sleep apnoea, and are happy with the prevention in place, you will start to see the benefits of a full night sleep.

Feeling more energised is probably the most obvious outcome of a full night's sleep. Maybe that afternoon nap you had been needing won't be a necessity anymore? Freeing up this extra time gives you a wealth of things to do, socialising or staying active for longer throughout the day, all of which have a benefit on your health, both physically and mentally!

When it comes to your heart, a good night's sleep is extremely beneficial. Being relaxed, and well rested can reduce your blood pressure and hypertension. This is a great result because having high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart disease.

The Sleepwell and patients experiences:

“I no longer feel tired and irritable in the mornings” - Being able to sleep through the night is what some people could never have imagined without advanced medical intervention.

“The Sleepwell has completely changed my life. It’s amazing how a small mouthpiece can have so much effect on me” - You don't have to make any huge changes to your lifestyle to get that result you’ve been looking for.

“I cannot express to you how much I appreciate your product” - We’re happy to give people the chance to finally get that full night's sleep they’ve been after for so long.

März 02, 2023 — Brian Holden